How we drive, is a reflection of our society


  Home to most road crashes in the world, India has some of the worst road behaviors resulting in crashes and results in mistrust with fellow citizens. Whereas, managing the traffic is an interplay of many things including road design, infrastructure, number of vehicles, driver training, licensing signage, enforcement etc, YET, Sane Driving believes, managing behaviors and attitudes, is CENTRAL to issue of managing traffic in India

About Sane Driving 

Sane Driving Workshops and Programs

In a classroom setting, Sane Driving programs creatively engage participants to help them SELF-DIRECT to adopt Civic, Safe & Responsible road behaviors, BOTH as a driver or as a passenger, and be a role model for others to follow.


Further, The Sane Driving Program on Civic, Safe and Responsible Behaviors helps Traffic Police understand the value of their work from Civic / Social angle, helps understand how values & beliefs contribute to reckless behaviors, challenges them to look for ways they never did earlier, giving them Purpose on their job, they never had before.


Civic, Safe & Responsible Road Behaviors & Attitudes, help recognize rights and responsibilities towards fellow citizens as a ritual each day. Managed with a Vision, Civic, Safe & Responsible behaviors in traffic, pave way for Mass Education (Civic), Social Cohesion; and help make living in a city, a joy.


WHY SANE DRIVING PROGRAM: Please see link    at minute 34:00 onwards.

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